MY NAME IS TOM NGO >> I MANAGE SINGER/SONGWRITER JOSEPH VINCENT & RAPPER/SONGWRITER TOESTAH >> I also run a nightlife company called wearejetset.com
Hawaii.  My first time out in Hawaii and it was for work. lol of course.  Stayed out for a way too quick of 2 nights but can’t complain i guess.  Stayed mostly in my hotel for these past couple trips.  It was cool.Joseph did a show at the Hawaii Theatre.  Great venue, weird staff.  Got to catch up w/ one of my usc kids who now lives out in Honolulu as a civil engineer!  Disappointed that I didn’t get to do too much out here, but did get to do a jog around their.  That was really cool.   
View from the Hotel. 
Sup Amanda
Desserts before I leave.Honolulu was real…can’t wait till I come back!
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